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In a world full of doubts, negatives, and selfish ambitions, Ryan Crawford Music intends to bring Truth and Beauty. He believes his gifts are not his own, and the more he gets to share them, the better. Born and raised in New Orleans, displaced by Hurricane Katrina, and now in Tulsa -- you will hear Ryan's unique perspective all throughout his music.


A drummer since the age of 6, he has been immersed in music with roots in Gospel. But he has a wide range of influences -- from the funk sounds of Prince and James Brown, to the classic rhythms of 90s Hip-Hop, and even the electronic and driving rock of Linkin Park. Playing drums, piano/keys, guitar, and bass helps to make Ryan a more complete musician as he expresses the creativity God has given him. "I believe music primarily does two things," he says. "It makes us feel, and it helps us see. It moves us through certain emotions for sure, but it can also give us insight about God, ourselves, and/or the world around us." Ryan Crawford Music exists to help listeners "feel" and "see" what is true, noble, and good -- with good music.

His first single -- "I Love You Forever" -- is an endeavor based on the chorus by Hillsong. A driving, but laid back rhythm, smooth layered harmonies, dark and ambient keys, and chorus guitar -- all come together to give the listener a small taste of what Ryan Crawford Music is all about.

His demo -- "Ex Nihilo" paints a picture of the Creation of the universe with solid rhythms, driving piano, spacious keys, and unique synths.

"I won't do the world the disservice of trying to be someone else," Ryan says. "I'm gonna stay true to what God put in me. I hope my sound inspires others to do the same."

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